Thursday, September 13, 2012

Elder Age 3 Origins Skyrim Exiled Scrolls


I have recently been giving several hours of my life to Dragon Age 2 and i am not disappointed in any way shape or form i love the game in its self to death and am having an absolute blast with. Does that mean i don't think the game could go through some changes? no it could but i will go into more detail about that later. As for Skyrim it has been winning countless awards praising everything about it.

So with all the success Elder Scrolls V has been having Bioware is looking into which elements to add into Dragon Age 3 for equal or even greater success. Think it needs it though? Don't get me wrong using Elder Scrolls V as a learning tool is an excellent idea at the same time if you borrow too much you'll move away from what Dragon Age so popular and have the same problem you had with people complaining about Dragon Age 2 from the transition from Dragon Age: Origins.

Hopefully they draw what they need and leave it at that and leave Dragon Age how it is, although if Dragon Age 3 would follow these guidelines from me and from what I've seen in Elder Scrolls they'll do just fine:

  1. More race choices!! Werewolf, Vampire, Qunari, Dragon master. Hand to hand combatant,
  2. A pet system! Certain races summon a pet to assist them in combat
  3. Weapons that we haven't seen like a scythe
  4. Adding little things to characters: Wings, Two different colored eyes
  5. Choose who your siblings are (I've grown attached to Bethany and despise Carver.)
  6. Join in game groups or guilds
  7. Dragon age 3 needs to be more of what the first one and the comics are open world of sorts.. not too big but give me more places to explore
  8. Introduce that lying dragon woman so i can kill her for lying to me
  9. Turn my character into a dragon
  10. Drop in drop out co-op?
  11. Duel wielding warriors 
  12. Poison weapon enchantment 
  13. DPS magic more effective 
  14. Healers have faster reflexes 
  15. Pet system 
  16. Once I beat the game new game plus lets me select my party members at lv 1 (who ever I unlocked)
  17. Character creation allows me to create a psychotic personality like justice and adds back story 
  18. Want to meet my champion/ characters in DA3
  19. Learn from mass effect 3 work hard on the ending 
  20. Scythes as weapons
  21. Choices I've made should i choose to continue from where i left off should impact things heavily

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