Friday, August 24, 2012

Two new vixens... enter the moving elevator?! Open or she'll shoot you!

DoA5 is pulling out all the stops and i can't put into words how hype i am but I'll try! Recently announced are two more of the casts femme fatales, First we have the "Fortunes Heiress" Helena Douglas daughter of Fame Douglas and leader of DOATEC her agile and graceful fighting style of Pi Gua Quan returns with her gameplay and look staying true to how we all know she looks. Sporting a new realistic look it's great to see Helena in the spotlight and i can't wait to see what other changes they possible gave to her... (Maybe we'll find out that Kokoro and Helena are half sisters!) Strategy for Helena players is a mix of throws and mix-ups

Lisa Hamilton aka La Mariposa Lucha's her way into the ring and she looks great! One of my mains since she was introduced in DoA4 Lisa comes back ready to take her style of Lucha Libre wrestling against the rest of the cast and test her skills, her gameplay is unchanged and her strategy hasn't changed unpredictable moves and mixing up your game are the key to winning with the vixen of the luchadores as some of her moves are predictable or take to much time to come out to be hit out of your going to need some time in the lab to pin point which moves work in a pinch and how to confuse the heck out of your opponent.

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