Monday, August 27, 2012

Capcom expects us to be hype all over again?

Remember when SfxT was first announced and the fighting game community went into a frenzy of hype, speculation and nerdgasms. Now we have the game and its good and it's fun don't get me wrong but the locked DLC on disk controversy took the gaming world by storm and it wasn't a pleasant storm either many of us felt cheated that the game had the characters completed and weren't available to us until a later time, especially characters like guy and Cody who were in a trailer months before the game came out. Now i didn't buy the game yet but I'm waiting for the characters and the news surrounding that is very good and i hope comes to light, It's a possibility that due tot he controversy that they might want to push the DLC characters ahead and release them sooner than the vita release.

It's a lot better that the characters be released earlier the hype of the game for new characters could die out and no one would be interested at one point and the whole game could suffer. In the news you all want to know Capcom may need to see our hype of these initial DLC characters before they consider adding other ones.... So our hype and wishlists aren't enough? The fact that the hidden DLC (Which is a kinda must for most games.) and all that mean nothing and its all about the initial profits.. shocker. Well hope they see the profits and everything else they need to because characters like:

Street Fighter:
Evil Ryu
Yang and Yun
R. Mika
Karin (If they get the licensing issue over with.)

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