Thursday, August 23, 2012

Free to play you will be in November

Well the news i first brought to the rumor pool can now take a dip out of the water because it is now true! Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting a free to play make over just in time for.... Thanksgiving? Stuff yourself with food and beef up your characters level! Sign me up! Obviously there will be some restrictions and i will be the one to fill you in so you know what your in for.

You can experience the eight story lines up to level 50 
Not a bad level cap if i do say so it gives new players the chance to really explore the game in and out and having a longer decision to going into it further or not.

Certain areas will be accessible and others wont.
Obviously they don't want to have the gap between free and premium the same to the point where no one else would likely pay money to subscribe and still as long as i can play the game and enjoy it blocked off areas wont be that much of a big deal to me. 

In order to access those "blocked off" areas a new currency system called cigarettes will be introduced.... I'm joking Cartel Coins will be introduced to the game for players to purchase more content in the game. Think of the coins as an allowance for being a loyal subscriber so you can get gear, in game items and other convenient items you've had your eye on. I 've been wanting to play the MMO for quite some time and something was pulling me back now with the announcement of it being free to play i feel like i waited for all the right reasons.

If you were already subscribed don't forget to come back! EA has gifts for you vets when you come back into the world and we all know EA gives the best gifts. 

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