Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Paul Dini not writing Rocksteady's next Batman game..

After beating Arkham City and going back to it because i am currently battling my brother for the Riddler this game has taken me on a ride that no game has taken me on, i find myself getting deeper into it and playing it a lot trying to do everything playing challenge maps as the characters for fun and getting more and more into it even though I'm done. So when the rumor of a Silver Age prequel going around I've got to say I'm a little excited but i feel that that a sequel would do the series more justice... no pun intended. For those worried about "The Joker not being in it" my argument to that is that they have done entire story lines without the Joker granted Mark Hammil and his Joker are timeless and his legacy of the Arkham titles but i feel like it's time to show the world that Gotham can be destroyed by others.

Yea a sequel is in order and give Jason Todd aka the  Red Hood his chance to shine and... shoot! He would so many reasons to go to Gotham (Mostly to investigate the Joker) but he is a character that needs to be in this kind of dark game.

With Paul Dini possibly not writing the game it could mean they want to keep the prequel fresh and maybe bring in someone new? Keep everything fresh including the writing would spice things up but with this being nothing but rumors I'm holding out hope for an all out throw everything and everyone at Batman and take Gotham for the darkest tour in video game form it's in for.

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