Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pick whatever class you want it's free.. ish

Want some great Blizzard WoW news? Of course you do! Well when i first gave you the details on Mists of Pandaria i was excited for the newest expansion and gave in depth analysis of the new Monk and Panda class, Blizzard is pushing into the Free to Play territory even further than being able to play the Vanilla version of WoW until level 20. They've stepped up their game and are now letting us play with all the available races!! (Take a breather i know this news has got you hyped up) That's right guys Blizzard really wants us to get back into the game for those of use who don't have subscriptions or any other reason for not playing the game up until this point.

That's right gamers the entire cast of class and races will be available to play in the Vanilla play wow to level 20, although subscribing still has it's perks like level 90 and open areas and what not but for now this is awesome to know. Yes once World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria drops September 25th the Monk and Panda will also be apart of the free to play till level 20 also!! The patch will be released August 28th it will feature new talents and a trainer that can reset your glyphs and talents.


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