Tuesday, August 7, 2012

September is officially Panderen month.. for the ALLIANCE!!

Wow enthusiasts and MMO heads i'm getting my BPD (Blogs Per Day) damage out of the way and get you guys hype for some new news.. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria has a release date.. and its right around the corner! The new content of Pandaria will become available for us WoW vets to start exploring sooner than we think! That not enough to get you to come back to the game and get your playing the wildly popular MMO, how about brand new quests, the Panderan race, Monk Class and a raised level cap of 90! Man Blizzard sure knows how to freeze our wallets in place don't they? Anyway some interesting things about the new Class and Race:

Monk: Three Talent Trees

  1. Tank Tree - Brewmaster
  2. Healing Tree - Mistweaver 
  3. DPS Tree - Windwalker
The healing tree makes it possible to drop stones similar to the totems shamans drop
You build up Chi for more advanced techniques 
The monk does indeed have an auto attack
Healing spec gives you a mana bar like everyone else
Tank and DPS gives you an energy bar
Monks wear the finest leather armor
Every race can be a monk... except the Goblin and Worgen.. =( 
Panderan can be horde or alliance with the choice to be: Hunter, Monk, Mage, Priest, Rouge, Shaman and Warrior

Really interesting that it has the three best of all around talents to give vets and new comers the chance to make the monk of there dreams and enemies nightmares. In most MMO's i usually go for DPS as my talent of choice so the monk is more than likely getting a shot from me when i eventually pick up the game and cant wait to play around and see how high i can make the DPS and the strategy behind it will be. Blizzard has really made it a huge effort to improve the graphics on the newest expansion pulling the graphics power that much higher on your computer.

Want to have more bang for your buck? Well you know Blizzard and they've got you covered:

Standard Edition: $29.99 - $33 
  • Game disk or Digital download
Digital Deluxe Edition: - $39.99 - $44
  • Full game download
  • Imperial Quilen flying mount
  • Starcraft 2 Battle.net portraits
Collectors Edition: - $59.99 - $66
  • Game Disk
  • Behind the scenes DVD and Blu-ray
  • Art book 
  • Soundtrack
  • Chen Stormstout mousepad featuring Panderan Brewmaster art 

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