Thursday, August 30, 2012

Borderlands 2 adds a gore toggle feature... more chunks please!

We all remember playing and killing everything in Borderlands and killing things so well the blood and gore made us feel so satisfied as gamers (especially bosses that kept taking my respawn money!) Well now Gearbox wants to beat the censorship to the punch and adds a gore toggle to Borderlands 2, now gamers have the option to tone down the violence.. and yes the chunks too. This option is very smart and i think other companies can learn from this possibly instead of complaining about censorship now your in control and cant say a damn thing since you have the option of turning it on or off. Also certain countries ban certain games for being too violent and now with this option games can branch out and be more accessible with the press of a button bam when midgets die they wont die in chunks of blood and guts.. maybe dust like Mortal Kombat did or something.

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