Thursday, July 5, 2012

This is one Fantasy i'm tired of being teased with

If you go pretty much anywhere on the Internet and especially anywhere saying "Most wanted HD Remakes" We all know Final Fantasy 7 is at the top of or top 5 of that list. So when the Tech Demo hit us with shock at 2005's E3 and lit a speculation fire that can't be put out till this day. The fire of wonder still burns and the gas isn't letting up either with the cryptic "To be continued in Final Fantasy 7" message at the end of Crisis Core had us all in a frenzy of thinking, plotting, and wondering. Since then though we've been in an impossible Chocobo Race with "Were not making a remake" answers to our questions, Tetsuya Nomura of course expresses interest in the possible remake but he's got a lot on his plate already now with even less information and mystery shrouding Final Fantasy Versus 13 and Kingdom Hearts 3?? so it's all a matter of scheduling and well placed hype in my eyes. All we can do is lay low and wait for them to surprise us with more news but here's some more speculation 2005 + 7 = 2012.... .

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