Friday, July 6, 2012

The Infinity Gauntlet is coming to HD as a classic!

Well has Capcom got the news pouring out or what? Not only are they bringing out classic fighting games from our childhood but giving them a new set of features. Marvel Vs Capcom Origins will feature the one on one fighting greatness of Marvel Super Heroes with it's timeless Infinity Gems system and Marvel Vs Capcom!!! Are you hype!!??

Our favorite games are back and look better than ever! They come equipped with GGPO enhanced online play with 8 player lobbies, replay options to save and view your fights, spectator mode and challenges much like we've seen in 3rd Strike Online. Damn you guys do you know what this means?! We now have the entire Marvel vs. Capcom series on our next gen consoles Marvel vs Capcom 1-3 will soon be realized and i can't wait to get back into the games that started the vs series!..... two games that have Mega Man and the third doesn't! -_- i had to sorry! Wonder if Capcom vs. Snk, Rival Schools, and X-Men vs. Street Fighter would get the same treatment? Get your 1200msp and $14.99 ready for your Xbox360 and PS3 when September rolls around because once school starts it's round 1.. Fight! REALITY GEM ACTIVATE!

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