Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Apple is becoming so powerful your Xbox will listen to the Ipone and or Ipad!

As if Apple wasn't anymore powerful they are now going to download an update which allows you to control and use your Xbox360 from you Iphone or Ipad. What does this free update allow you to do exactly? Well if you can start a download from your Apple device and be away from your system then I'm going to say this is going to be awesome! I like to have my codes ready and if i had an Iphone i would love to start the download   and have it finished by the time i go to my system and start using it right away is a great new addition to the system and linking it with an Apple product is pretty cool..... Oh wait WHAT ABOUT ANDROID!? Don't worry My Xbox Live for Android has got you covered i think certain devices are acceptable right now but check your Google play and it should tell you if your phone can work with it or not.

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