Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simpsons comics coming to mobile devices....SPLENDID!!!

Being a fan for the Simpsons for literally as long as i can remember i love everything Simpsons the games, movies, and the comic books! Which are just as awesome as the show that's been going on since my childhood. Today Matt Groening the creative genius behind The Simpsons and publisher of Bongo Comics today announces a another more tech savvy way to enjoy The Simpsons comics from our Apple and Android devices... WOO HOO!! Makes me wanna get a Tablet now (I'm being dead serious i love The Simpsons more than you know.) The Simpsons Comics IOS App is devoloped by Bongo and ComiXology. The App goes live today during San Diego Comic Con so that's something to wait for and get hyped for. 

Here are the handpicked comics were handpicked to debut and to make things better a copy of Simpsons #100 will be available exclusively through it's limited so sign up for the site and get your copies while you still can!

  • Bart Simpson #1, 72
  • Bartman # 1, 2
  • Lisa Comics #1
  • Radioactive Man #8, 100
  • Simpsons Comics  #1, 40, 87, 109, 131, 149, 175, 191
  • Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Bart Simpson's Pal Milhouse #1
  • Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Ralph Wiggum Comics #1
  • Simpsons Summer Shindig #1
  • Simpsons Super Spectacular #1, 15

Don't worry though guys let the app settle in before expecting the newest comics... give it a month and it will up to date with the new comics and select others from the Bongo Archives.

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