Friday, July 13, 2012

Persona 4 Arena Character Analysis: Yu Narukami


Yu Narukami
The young man who ended the case that rocked
Inaba returns for the holidays, only to find
a new mystery in the P-1 Grand Prix tournament.
With his katana and Persona, Izanagi, he can
hold his own in all aspects.

Color Sets:

Video Spotlight:
What MrDarkPhoenix Thinks: I didn't know Vergil was in this game.... lol All jokes aside Yu is what i look for in a main and that is pure rushdown! All in your face and not letting you breathe and his combos and specials all add to his game plan of absolute damage and speed all he needs is to have time taken in the lab because if a lot of people use him they have to have a way to separate Yu from everyone else.
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