Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Persona 4 Character Analysis: Yukiko Amagi

Just a little something to get you guys hyped up for the new Persona 4 Arena coming to consoles this August, i give you my first Character analysis for the lovely Yukiko Amagi!

Yukiko Amagi
The heir to the Amagi Inn and a 3rd-year at
Yasogami High. Though smart and polite, she
can be quite spacey... She and Chie are
longtime friends. Her fans and Persona,
Konohana Sakuya, let her attack at range.

Color Sets:

Video Spotlight:

What MrDarkPhoenix thinks: 
Yukiko is someone i would say plays a good fiery keep away game with moves at her disposal that can keep the opponent out, judging from the video she has good potential to have her moves used to get the opponent where you want them with certain properties that allow a wall bounce to get in offensively when players get their hands on her I'm going to be surprised at the play styles she can represent she might have a little of the phoenix force inside her though.   
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