Monday, July 16, 2012

You are one fine looking Xbox!!! Get into my bedroom now!

No matter the team behind a Halo title a system release in time for the game is always around the corner and it has been confirmed so no need to wonder and more time to get hype!! The limited edition Halo 4 Xbox does not disappoint and looks amazing as hell!! I'm going to walk you through everything the system comes with and what to get hype for:

  1. $399.99 = $430 plus tax
  2. Halo 4 game (Duh)
  3. 2 sexy Halo 4 print controllers with controllable pop out D-pads
  4. 320gb hard drive 
  5. Built in Wi-fi
  6. Controllers and system light up in.... BLUE!!! 
  7. Halo paint scheme on the system

With the above information and some more pics i will post how can you not pre order this system!?.... It might be only available through amazon... but that's not the point other major retailers like Gamestop, Best Buy etc. will soon have it on their lists and the madness for reserves can begin. I must say this system is a must have for Halo fans or collectors even it's a great system to have for Halo vets and new comers who want to enjoy the joys of having an awesome Xbox system. 

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