Friday, July 27, 2012

Not into episodes of zombie action? How about a full game?!

Well it's been said for as long as The Walking Dead has been dominating AMC, TV, and the Zombie era for as long as it has. A lot of games/ genre's were talked about for a possible game, an MMO was talked about but felt like it wouldn't take off  so a Walking Dead Facebook Game came into play. A FPS based on the show was also talked about but with Dead Island and Left 4 Dead out and dominating it was felt it would copy them in one way or another. Now I'm here to announce The Walking Dead Game being developed by Terminal Reality the game takes us on a journey through the eyes, sweat, guns and survival instincts of Merle and Daryl.

Forget shooting where is my hack and slash game featuring Michonne! 

Brother's whose proved that gun totting red necks are the kind of people you need to have around you during a zombie apocalypse, Co-op is probably going to be a big and fun factor of the game no word on levels or anything else but if it is anything like it's trying to be... better save your ammo and what not survival horror doesn't give you anything easy.

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