Monday, July 30, 2012

The suspense of Telltale Games Walking Dead is... reviving me!

Telltale Games The Walking Dead an episodic adventure through the universe of the hit AMC show and comic book of the same name is getting really great and gamers cant be happier, the problem you ask? the gap in time to wait for the next episode! We already had a month gap and now episode 3 is getting a mid August release schedule.. no date yet but we do know it's August so next month we get more Walking Dead! Until then though we gotta wait but the team is working insanely hard on this game and it's only episode 2 out right now. I think it's the factor of all the choices we can make that weigh in on development, with so many different combinations of choices ranging the team has to factor in every single one of them into a game that is unique for all of us and i have to say that takes a lot of work. Cant's wait to see if anything will tie into the show when it comes out in October until them August can't come any sooner so i can see if i made the right choices!

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