Friday, March 23, 2012

Zombies have invaded facebook!!!

All those requests i know we've all gotten for Farmville, words with friends, poker, etc.. What would you do if you saw a request to play.. THE WALKING DEAD!? Well AMC and RockYou have made your dreams come true with the Walking Dead Facebook game.

You'll be able to create your own teams in order to battle the walkers and to protect what's yours aka your camp, Fights with the undead are done turn based complete with side quests and the ability to earn achievements and all the other great gamer goodness were used to. Completing missions and challenges earn you different weapons and trust me you will need them if its anything like the show your going to need all the weapons and ammo at your disposal... maybe find some silencers or something also.

Remember that specific tamagotchi that always wanted everything when you were asleep? Well i hope you recruit only the best late night Facebook warriors because its going to be their responsibility to keep the camp safe the more friends the better chance your camp will be safe from walkers and you can survive the Facebook zombie invasion when the game drops in April

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