Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Riddle me this Nick.. How many ice blocks will it take before you let go?!

Just when you thought the news surrounding the hit box office smash Dark Knight Rises couldn't get any more awesome i bring you all some more news. Bane and Catwoman were not the ideal choices for villains in the final trilogy of the Christopher Nolan Bat films, the Riddler in fact was at the top of the list to terrorize Gotham and the Batman with his cocky attitude and green cane. To see Batman use his brains and even getting the audience involved would have been a great thing for a movie to do especially being the last one in the franchise and we know Nolan is capable of screwing with our minds because of Inception.... my brain hurts imagining the combo that would have been. The question i know your asking yourself is of course.. who would have played the Riddler? Jim Carrey again? I would have loved to see the direction Nolan and Carrey's natural talent would have gone but not him.

Oh yea!! Leonardo DiCaprio was the first person to portray the master of puzzles! How awesome would that have been to see! I can only imagine the depths and dark places Leo would have gone to give us the darkest Riddler in a Nolan film. With time reaching closer to the finale Bane and Catwoman take the center stage while were left to wonder "What if"... If unfortunate events didn't take place Harley would have made it into the Dark Knight series now that's a real 'What if" that upsets me but its all good Anne as Catwoman should be a performance to glance at.

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