Wednesday, June 6, 2012

F**K Yea Adult Transformers... wait that sounds wrong

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is the newest and looks to be greatest installment of the video game series and man have we been taken on a ride so far, but High Moon Studios tells us this game isn't for the new younger Transformers fans but instead for those of us that stuck by it when we were younger and it's all geared towards us as it goes into dark places that Transformers didn't think it could go to. In the Spike Video Game Awards Trailer Cybertron is engulfed in chaos from all sides the Autobots want to save the fallen planet but the Decepticons are out for absolute destruction and control, with both sides fighting can this be everyone's last ditch effort to settle the score with rivals.

Even more news started to get out about the game and now the time has come to tell you all this game isn't for kids, not the M-Rated Megatron and Optimus Prime hot coffee mod kind of not for kids but more along the lines of war, deep dark stories, characters being destroyed and all the things that the first CGI trailer made look great and started us out and we all knew things are going great at High Moon for the new game. And then hype hit the fan when the Dinobots were included and that renewed my faith and proved to me that High Moon wants to pull out all the stops and include everyone they can! I feel this move is great and needs to happen for the classic Transformers fans like myself who want to see the more darker aspects of what they go through. I have a feeling Fall of Cybertron is going to surpass War for Cybertron but this coming August we'll see.

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