Friday, June 29, 2012

Hoping Capcom doesn't screw me out of another Resident Evil Collectors Edition

What i know you've been waiting for and what i wouldn't reserve the game for until it got announced is finally here and i am hype as sh!t!! The Resident Evil 6 collectors is on it's way and i must say it has a lot of bonus stuff i cant't wait to get my hands on! I'm just  hoping they don't screw me over like with another certain collectors edition for a Resident Evil title... *coughs* Bitch Redfield toy! anyways the more affordable and not the $1300 collectors from Japan comes with a lot of neat and awesome bang for our buck.

Look at all those sexy and awesome reasons i'm going to spend extra money on my favorite game franchise.

Coming with the game Resident Evil 6 in a steel case, Needle Bomb collectors box, Emblems from BSAA and more, Art Book, An actual sweater, and DLC for your avatar i gotta say it's the collectors to own. I'm hoping the Needle Bomb is an actual model and for a little added bonus we get a sneak preview of the CGI movie Resident Evil Damnation! Now that would make me throw my money at Capcom and once people learn this game is going to be a lot better and back to the roots we know and love this is going to be Capcom's cash cow of this year so with all this i cant wait till the game drops in October to get my collectors edition and start my Let's Play on my youtube channel!

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