Monday, July 2, 2012

Can't wait to get your hands on your Celestial Paintbrush?

If Okami wasn't already one of the most beautifully rendered and artistic looking games to come out in a while it received high praise and many spin offs. On the PS2 we always wanted the ability to psychically use the paintbrush in real time... Then the DS Lite and the touch screen were introduced to us and you all knew what had to come out for that system and we were introduced to Chibitaratsu and Okamiden for the DS. Now with the Playstation Move Capcom has announced Okami HD... WITH MOVE CONTROLS!! So the few of you with the move and a love for Ammy are in luck because now the HD Graphics and trophies give you a reason to get both your hands on your wand and take this game for a test paint and move.

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