Thursday, June 28, 2012

The legend ends... on your IOS and Android phones

When your phone is in trouble he is not slow it's the Batman to the rescue and away he will go! Gameloft has confirmed a Dark Knight Rises mobile game today (Since Arkham City is the non movie based games Gotham needs) And i gotta say it looks pretty damn great for being a phone game. It plays with that simple and fun atmosphere you would expect from a mobile game, not to sure if it's going to be as fluent and combat heavy as the Rocksteady games but one can hope right? As for the villains none have been confirmed as of yet but one can dare say that Catwoman and Bane are going to be featured in the game somehow since it's based off the movie. Prepare your smart devices soon for an announcement revealing the games release which is going to be somewhere around the time the movie is released and i will keep you all up to date on any news i see.. TO THE MOBILE BATCAVE!

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