Monday, May 28, 2012

Video Monday!

Hey guys MrDarkPhoenix here with a new Monday blog Video Monday! whoo i'm going to take a break from casting for a while to focus more on spreading my other works like my video's and podcasts and of course my blog. So before i give you the link let me just explain how i review games and why i use the scale that i do:

On a review scale from 1-5 instead of doing that i use my own unique system of Buy, Try, or Shy... it rhymes i know but more importantly it gives me the chance of giving you guys the watchers and gamers a straight one word answer:

Buy - 5 -  The game is great and you should run out and spend your money on it right now!
Try - 4- 3- The game is good it does things right but probably not enough and you can spend your money at full price or give it a rent
Shy - 2-1 - This game did little right or didnt have the features to back up what it was selling so i would avoid this title all together

Episode 1 of my DMC3 Let's Play!

Dont forget to check out!

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