Friday, May 25, 2012

Surprising hints as to who could join the avengers next movie

With the Avengers being the greatest comic book movie of all time many of us are wondering who the roster to fill the sequel could and should be, the majority of us me included are dead set on it being Wolverine and Spider-Man to join the team in the sequel Avengers 2. Other members have possibly been thought of and teased and i gotta say it would be interesting but can you introduce these characters without giving them proper backstory? I'm not talking small backstory most of the roster needs but these two specific members need a little more in my opinion to be introduced to us as Avengers.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver!
I did think about these two but i always felt being the children of Magneto held them back in a way, without proper mention or introduction into the X-men series could being in the Avengers from scratch help or hurt them in the long run? One thing we can be sure of if they do appear in the Avengers sequel Sony would be available to use them for X-men movies and official X-men not first class. So both of them could be making appearances to 20th century Fox and Marvel, I'm really excited and if what they say about the villain choice for Avengers 2 is true.... they will need all the firepower they can use.

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