Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Daredevil Reboot Script brought back to life

Not even going to bring up the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie that came a while back 20th Century Fox is giving the reboot treatment to the man who knows no fear and has already got a script working and the story line the movie will be based on. Born Again story line. A story line where we explored Daredevil struggling with the insanity the villain of choice The Kingpin drove him to and him trying to build a new life for himself. Kingpin would have to be the villain so that's one thing we know possibly. The entire Born Again story line is dark among dark for Daredevil with murder, insanity, and savage beatings this could be what sets the Daredevil franchise in the right direction, the only thing missing is someone who can pull off Matt Murdock and someone who can pull off the level of insanity and mental trauma Matt suffers from the story will have to translate on screen like how we all read in the comics. Another thing not a lot of people know is that Captain America makes an appearance, although no word if cameo's are included in the six movie contract he has as Captain America or if Marvel is even thinking cameo appearances for other Marvel heroes and movies.

With David Slade directing and David James Kelly reprising a script previously written only time will tell if they've learned the lessons and keep Marvel's great movie streak going.

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