Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Van Helsing reboot?! Blah they want to suck your wallets dry

Well in wow there rebooting that series and they got him?! news Universal Pictures wants to take back Van Helsing the 2004 movie that starred our very own Hugh Jackman as the arrow hunting Gabriel Van Helsing, granted the movie might not have been the best but Hugh did the best with what he was given. I feel like Hugh was in a box and all his talent wasnt allowed to get out and shine like how he plays Wolverine its all out there and nothing is held back thats more of what we need to see out of Hugh honestly. With Jackman busy with a lot of projects (Or they didnt ask him) writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have taken on a deal to bring the series back and they've got none other than Tom Cruise to be Van Helsing and produce the movie as well....? My motto has always been "An actor should never been judged until the audition" So with more info Tom and Universal Pictures can have the world beleive this choice for Van Helsing i'm so-so until more news so stay tuned guys.

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