Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Over three times the time were used to and more depth and horror... WELCOME BACK RESIDENT EVIL!

In case you all dont know i am a huge Resident Evil Fanatic, no other series has scared me like this one while i was growing up and i've been on the train, the mansion, spain raccoon city etc. you name it i've killed it thats how tight me and Resident Evil are. So now with 6 on the way and it being the makeshift apolgy for what 5 tried to do by focusing on action Resident Evil 6 will offer us the perspectives of three characters who will eventually interact with one another. Dont worry though this doesnt add repitition or a sense of boredom this is going to be three completly different ways to play, feel and go at the story.

Chris Redfield:
Offers a more action story with guns a blazing with some horror elements.

Leon S. Kennedy:
Offers a more horror based story with limited access to heavy weapons? Not as gun crazy as chris so more like Resident Evil 2 Leon perhaps.

Wesker Jr.:
If he's anything like his father... Game Over!

Capcom is trying to get a new demographic with Resident Evil aka the Call of Duty bro masters from a company perspective Call of Duty is the biggest cash cow of the gaming world and Capcom wants a peice of that money since its been proven they will keep buying game after game despite it almost being the same thing every time. Not too much on if anyone else is coming *coughs* ADA!! but we'll see how everything will work itself since the game is coming out in Oct.

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