Thursday, May 24, 2012

First the man now the Rhino!

When word broke that you can Play as Stan Lee it sure was exciting to bring the comic god to a game as a pre order bonus and now they've added another pre order incentive to The Amazing Spider-Man.

Anyone miss free roaming as Spider-Man well i have amazing news for you, the open world mechanic is back with The Amazing Spider-Man and man have i missed taking a web off and just swinging around my hometown of New York and randomly swing and explore. Gamers who pre-order the game at Gamestop will receive the Rhino challenges where with a timer you have to smash and crash through everything as the Juggernaut.... i mean the Rhino sorry... might have just added Juggs instead but hey smashing things as the angry angry rhino should be fun. However Amazon has a way to compete this Rhino map with the creator Stan Lee!! Way to hit below the ESRB rating Amazon with your awesome incentives. Playing through the special missions as Stan Lee you have to find pages scattered throughout the game to get a special gift.. oh boy looks Amazon is getting a pre order from this comic book gamer!

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