Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sega Bring us rain to stop the drought!

I know we are all aware of what the summer means for gaming? That rare period of us gamers saving money on our beloved addiction video games because it's what we call "The Drought" but with E3 coming in June to give us a reason to spend money on the games that we have to worry about at the end of the year and of course the collectors editions and new hardware, Sega brings us hope that we can still money on games this summer or more realistically arcade money.

Today on the Playstation Network the arcade ports of Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Monster World, and Monster World IV as well as the original ports of Super Hang-on, Revenge of Shinobi, and of course Alex Kidd in Miracle world as well. Some of us should already know that Alex had the rights of Sega's prize child... before Sonic came along of course.

Tomorrow on Xbox Live Arcade we'll be getting a package deal for the Monster World instead of separate files for the games and an Alex Kidd and Company Collection both for 800 Mircrosoft Points. Think I'm done?! I'm not!! On May 30th two new Arcade Collections will be released for... GOLDEN AXE!! Which comes with the first games and the Sega Genesis sequels which includes Golden Axe 2 and Golden Axe 3!

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! The final Arcade Collection is... You guessed it Streets of Rage!! Which includes all three titles of the series.

Oh man do i love nostalgia from my childhood days of spending countless amounts of time and quarters in the arcade and now just having them on my Xbox makes me love gaming, Other companies can learn from this and should keep the classics coming!

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