Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mistah J. would be proud of ya Harley

Batman: Arkham City is the game that has taken me on the gaming ride of my life, its taken my strength and wisdom to survive the madness and i gotta say the DLC i always wanted is finally coming to us in the Batman: Arkham City Game of the year edition.

Six months after the release of the game we know get our bundled together edition that comes with everything you've been wanting or what you already have in one awesome package: Including Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin as your challenge map characters every challenge map from the iceberg lounge to the Batcave, Batman Year One the movie, all the costumes for Batman and Harley's revenge for free. Did you already buy all the content and just want the new DLC mission added to your main game? Don't worry the same day the DLC comes out will be the same day the GOTY will release. Harley's revenge will come with new areas and the closing story of the Arkham City story as well as switching between Batman and the boy wonder Tim Drake himself.. (So what the heck is Nightwing doing!?) and possibly give us hints for what were up against in.... Gotham?? I would hope to see Harley as a secret challenge map character would hate saying goodbye after i complete this one and only DLC. It would make a lot of sense to make Harley a playable character and once completed to roam Arkham City as Robin!

What do you all think will happen? Will Harley have help from her good friend Poison Ivy? I do think Harley would turn to her for comfort since the two happen to be really great friends and a dangerous duo proven at times. Let's not forget Harley is a pretty bad threat on her own, some think the Joker is the backbone of the two but at times he's caging a beast and because of how Arkham City ended whose going to cage the beast now??

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