Thursday, April 26, 2012

Its Amazing the villain references were getting in the new Spider-Man

Just when i thought they weren't going to tease us anymore, the damn movie hasn't even come out yet and i need to pay extra EXTRA attention to the Amazing Spider-Man coming out this July. It's all good though money and friends guarantee me at least 3 viewings of the movie so i'm all web shooters kind of good. Since the the first villain in the movie is Lizard Marvel is already thinking of ways to introduce more of Spidey's rouge gallery and give him a run for his money, so as i am about to do i advise everyone to pay close attention while watching this movie. Who should get the spot though, this being a more thought out movie process they already know who the fans would like and love to see but they also have to pay homage to villains that haven't seen the movie spot light.

Eddie Brock aka Venom:
Now i don't think i have to say what the first attempt to have him on screen was (It was a fault on both parties.) but to break the curse of the third movie venom needs to appear in the Amazing Spider-Man, done correctly this time around we need to establish Eddie Brock as a character and the symbiote as an entity so I'm thinking we spend a movie with Spidey in the symbiote costume being all bad realizing the suit isn't good for him he has it removed as it infects Eddie Brock and then that moves onto Venom in the next movie as the main bad guy.

Mac Gargan aka Scorpion:
In the animal kingdom they are rivals and enemies why not have them go at it live screen, Scorpion screams out sequel villain for spidey originally hired to find out how Peter Parker was able to take the amazing pictures of Spider-Man, suddenly he finds himself in experimenting and then bam great fights, story and rivalry.

Adrian Toomes aka Vulture:
 Another great villain to put Spider-Man to the test is the vulture who else can fly high and terrorize our hero like he can plus seeing him live action would be cool and not done before in a movie.

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