Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You Kinect's power level will be over 9000!!!!!

Ever want to be chilling with your friends and just yell for hours at your TV and charge up your kaioken and beat the crap out of each other?.... Wait you probably already did that i forgot were gamers and nerds! Well in case that's not enough for you and the Kinect is in your room Namco Bandai has plans to bring the Kinect to the dragon ball z world with a game only for the Kinect. Come on your surprised at this? Dragon Ball Z has been on literally every system and has so many games it makes Final Fantasy look bad but none the less a lot of characters from the franchise will make appearances not sure on who but you know whose guaranteed on making the cut... (If i could have Fat Majin Buu so i can turn people to candy I'll be happy.) The mystery surrounding how the game will play with strict motion controls is puzzling but I'm eager to see how this is going to be pulled off, i can guarantee sweat and exhaustion from any other Kinect game on the market... admit it you and your friends are going to go just as hard as me and my friends and become super sayins screaming like maniacs.

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