Thursday, May 17, 2012

Double my XBLA achievement points.. please do!

You ever feel like when playing an arcade game the 200 score achievement limit was a little... below average?

Microsoft is making sure that developers boost the gamerscore points in an effort to boost sales and give even more reason to dig up some more achievement hunters on the gaming platforms. I think this is a smart move i love to play arcade games and i love to earn achievements so why not take what i and other gamers love to do and double that score so i can play the game again or even get my friends to help with certain things i wouldn't be able to do. The only question i have is this going to be effective for games that are already out or will the games i already bought from the Arcade Marketplace get a boost in achievements as well? time will tell as the time comes but i am still excited for the 400 achievements i can be earning from now on with more arcade games i buy.

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