Friday, May 18, 2012

Heavenly Sword 2 get the double slice.. cant a sister get a chance at a sequel??

An early launch title and a personal favorite of mine for the PS3 Heavenly Sword was a great Hack and Slash game by Ninja Theory paving the way for eye candy kick ass heroines like Bayonetta. Sure Heavenly Sword had its problems like length and some typical problems but all in all they were all simple problems that sequels always solve and damn it i believe this could have been a great game for both Sony and Ninja Theory and it gets the ax before it can redeem itself? A lot of other games that get sequels that clearly don't deserve other chances but get them don't you think its high time that Ninja Theory should unshelve this gem and get to starting on a sequel that can far surpass the original?

Former Sony employee Martin Binfield revealed that back in 2008 it was "apparently" in development but has been cancelled for reasons unknown, maybe Ninja Theory wants to focus on DMC for a bit then go back to a game wiser and stronger? Well time will tell and hopefully it'll keep being a Ninja Theory title and not suffer from a Duke Nukem Forever treatment.

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