Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Star Trek 2 Villain... Say it with me now!


Like you all thought i could resist or Star Trek fans couldn't have guessed who the villain choice for the sequel to 2009's Star Trek movie wasn't going to be Khan himself?! With hints in the first movie and of course real Star Trek fans knowing and who else can give fans a rush to the movie theatre rush than with one of Star Trek's iconic villains whose introduced the world to screaming out his name. Casting for the iconic villain has been confirmed as British actor Benedict Cumberbatch and i gotta say i trust the role in his hands and can't wait to see him in the Star Trek universe and how he and the rest of the cast (Who already work well enough) get together and make this sequel even more awesome. Another fun fact is Leonard Nemoy will be reprising his role as Spock Prime from the first film and the original timeline Spock, Zachary Quinto also reprises his role as Spock so more double Spock is always good and a great villain is also great.

I knew i forgot to mention something, the Kingons are also set to appear in the sequel!!

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