Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Walking Dead is not afraid to take the Controversial moments to TV

For so long shows have always been afraid to go their or do that or push the limits of how far the censors can take them, not The Walking Dead though. The comics have been home to some pretty messed up and demented events and guess what.. Those moments are coming to TV baby!!Whoo just imagine all the blood and gore we already get mixed in with events that would make you cringe at your tv screen and have you thinking "They can do that" the comics don't pull any punches so the Tv series isn't allowed to either. The producers want to take a darker step in the shows direction and I've got to say its a smart move, were introduced to zombie world ain't no sunshine and lollipops especially for what's to come in season 3 when it returns in October.. All i can say is throw your ambition and your limits out the window because you wont be needing them where Season 3 is taking you.

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