Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alice in a Resident Evil game?!.... Hmmm

Milla Jovovich has been the star of the media successful Resident Evil movies for quite some time (Stopped being successful after 3 honestly.) 2012 is a great year for Resident Evil with Revelations, Operation Raccoon City, 6, and the new movie coming out aside from the Walking Dead the zombies have taken over all the media  this year. Milla is sad and surprised that she hasn't been asked to or her character Alice featured in a Resident Evil video game yet.

I just want to go through some things first before i give my opinion about this:

May get into some sh!t for this but i like the Resident Evil movies (the first three mainly) and i like Milla and Alice i think they are both amazing and great portrayals of a unique to the franchise character. The problem with introducing Alice that i can see is that it would be a confusing cluster of questions revolving around her, granted adding new characters to a game isn't hard all the new additions over the years including Sheva, the mysterious mercenary from six, and even other characters alike isn't hard but it seems like Alice might be a bit harder to squeeze in. Especially with characters like Leon, Ada and Barry being introduced so late in the movies as of yet.

Since Alice has had little interaction with the main protagonists of the series and having the movies based on her character you cant say she knows them, plus her powers take a big toll on the story mainly only the tyrants and the long running Wesker have powers but with limits Alice has telekensis on a very high level (Not on Phoenix level of course =D) that would be a little much for the games to introduce a character that powerful but her speed, reflexes, martial arts etc would be good to add since its the same enchantments  Wesker has.

Another question is what kind of role could she play in the games:
Good girl that aids our heroes?
Bad Girl who could be treated as a female Wesker of sorts?

Don't get me wrong i would not mind seeing Alice in a game hell i think for everything she's done (Whether or not you feel the movies are good or not.) for Resident Evil she should be given a chance since she is a big fan of the games and played them with her brother. Adding her would take careful planning and the right way to introduce her but with great minds it's possible and i would not mind.

(I just wanted to point out i have technically still have the theory that Alice is actually Alexia from Code Veronica.)

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