Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New fighting style created for G.I. Joe 2


So with Hasbro toys comes spoiliers about popular movies in toy form... (Hope they leak the full Catwoman suit for Dark Knight Rises.) Nothing to bad honestly so it's not even worth the spoiler warning, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's character will be sporting a brand new created martial art for his character in the G.I. Joe sequel Roadblock the heavy machine gunner of the group. While Common was originally asked to play the role but was passed over for another character possibly. Moving on from that his fighting style Roadblock is trained by the infamous Snake Eyes in ass-kickery (That's not the fighting style but close enough.) or more realistically Battle Kata! a newly created style that mixes Military and Traditional martial arts which sounds awesome cant wait to see it in action when the movie comes out.

Something else i cant wait to see live action... your awesome Jinx!
Although many people may not know this isnt the first movie to create a whole new fighting style:

Equilibrium- Gun Kata

Moq' Bara - Star Trek:

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