Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's a block its a brick.. it's LEGO SUPERMAN!

Other great lego characters to add....

Just when you think the games going to be easy with Batman, Robin, and Superman... boy you couldnt be any more wrong!! Lex Luthor and The Joker are teaming up against their rivals promting chaos and breaking blocks for our heroes. Superman brings his classic array of powers to the table like his heat vision, freeze breathe and what looks like it his flight will be aviliable for a short time, Robin sports a new funny weapon and Batman gets a power suit so everyone gets something new in this new Lego sequel. Still joining the party are Lego Wonder Woman and Lego Green Lantern and possibly even the whole Lego Justice League lets keep things small and think Lego Worlds Fines first.

Also as a first in any Lego game to date vocal dialouge will be heard! I cant believe it either guys the funny grunting and silennce from other Lego games will be replaced with the peices talking, not sure who will voice who or even if the company putting this together has the means to get Kevin Conroy for Batman or anyone else but i sure as heck would love to hear the voice of the Bat in another game where he can let loose and have some fun.

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