Thursday, March 22, 2012

Darkstalkers 4 was already in devolopment.. Sneaky but i like it!

Ironically my first article/ blog was about the possibility of a much anticipated Darkstalkers 4, and now here is a great chance that it's finally coming to us (All those money pics of fans must have been too much for Capcom to let go, thanks NYCC!!) If releasing the original game on PSN and registered the trademark wasn't awesome enough the sequel to the game that made vampires, evil red riding hoods, and nun chuck wielding werewolves a place in our hearts and systems. Rumor has it that after the development of the now released Street Fighter x Tekken they started on Darkstalkers 4.

In more awesomeness that is Darkstalkers 4 news the game will follow the engine of MvC3 and Street Fighter x Tekken, making it an HD friendly, flashy chain combo having, friendly combo potential having game that we have all been waiting for! Most of the cast should return Darkstalkers wasn't really much to receive as much ports and games as Street Fighter so the cast is what it is, but that doesn't mean new characters cant make grand appearances or even guest characters if Capcom plays there cards right.

My ideas for Darkstalkers characters:
Ruby Heart:

The Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 exclusive pirate woman Ruby! It was said she would be a better Darkstalkers character in the long run.. so maybe her and the pirate ship she rides in might give the other characters a run for there money.


Not only do i think she fits in the story perfectly but come on! Alice is a crazy murderous mental patient with an assortment of weapons to kill... plus i want to see her and BB Hood go at it!


A horseman of Apocalypse doesn't deserve a spot in a game with the supernatural beings of Darkstalkers... You are crazy, he would be so hard hitting and a great character to use if he would ever be playable.

Cassie and Vlad:
An attractive survivor of great trauma who hunts horror figures... think she would be at home with the vampires, zombie rocker, werewolf and the Sasquatch

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