Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Green Arrow project casts new Black Canary.

With Smallville gone from tv unfourtently CW is looking for another hero to fill the cape... or should i say fill the bow. The talks of a Green Arrow Tv series begun way before Smallville ended and it wasnt much to shake a stick at now we live in different times and casting is already official for the pilot of the series. Katie Cassidy will don the fishnets of DC's own fighting queen Black Canary... not right away though come on they have to give us reasons to watch right? Instead she'll be playing the role of a romantic past intrest for Ollie who might mention she's a crime fighting vixen who also dons a mask.

I'm not sure exactly how far promotion will go... oh wait i'm a genius!! The Smallville season 11 comic is coming out... with Green Arrow in it sometimes he would have to disapear and do his own thing and then that's where the show can jump off with a fan base. 

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