Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kasumi teleports herself into DOA5.. with someone else!

For a while even before DOA5 i always wondered what would happen if DoA crossed fists and kicks with another fighting game franchise, since Tekken is busy my only other choice was ???????? (Thats for later) Kasumi comes back to DoA after her long battle with her clone Alpha-152 at the end of DoA4 and its glad to see she's ready for battle with the rest of cast and a new addition! Virtua Fighter is another 3D fighting game that comes to us and will be crossing paths with our DoA fighters.

Kasumi/ Swoozie vs. Akira/ Shidosha!!
Two franchises go at it in a battle of counters and Akira the hard hitting Bajiquan user of Virtua Fighter goes head to head with the gang of DoA. Not sure if he's going to be the only one out of Virtua Fighter to make an appearance would be cool to line up the whole roster to get owned by DoA one by one but hey we'll see right? He better not cross paths with my personal favorite Bajiquan master Kokoro though.. Man i love Kokoro but i think it's great putting in another fighter into our neck of the woods adds more diversity to our game plus Akira is hard enough to master in Virtua Fighter but giving him counters i can see bruises now.

If i had to pick other Virtua Fighter characters that would be cool to be in Dead or Alive 5:

Jean Kujo:

A brainwashed assassin that goes after the ninjas or anyone else in his way! His story and playstyle would fit well into DoA5.

El Blaze:
 The male luchador and a great rival/ friend to Lisa, plus now Bass and Tina would have proper lucha rivals!

 I've liked her tough assassin persona even though she isnt an assassin she is no push over, i'd like to see her take on Bass and Bayman.

Jeffrey McWild:
Big Australian man breaks your bones and beats you down.. he can try not in my DoA house!

The crazy monkey girl of the series her fighting style is unique enough to give her a shot, plus i can see her being friends with the cast.

Lion Rafale:
I can see him being a rival to Eliot (Call me crazy) or for an even crazier rivalry Christie since they share a stance almost. 

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