Friday, March 9, 2012

Well dont be Pokemon Gray... It's just sequels

Well its been confirmed pokefans instead of getting another version like yellow, crystal, or platinum were just getting flat out Black and White sequels, the names are cleverly Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2.

And a good idea bad idea situation for 3DS and DS owners who didn't quite upgrade to the 3DS, this game will be released on the DS system and not the 3DS which everyone thought the series was going. I think that's a good move on Nintendo's part because there is a bigger market in the people that haven't upgraded and kept the DS they already owned and plus let's be honest the smart kids don't even have a 3DS yet so it's all good in that department.

As for release date its the usual Japan gets it possibly now or during the summer and we'll get it in fall, what really gets me is the fact that with the Wii U coming out Nintendo is still thinking about the DS and i think that's great for a company not to abandon a handheld system like that (Mostly because i feel the numbers for 3DS upgrades aren't what they wanted them to be.)  

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