Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mass Effect 3 clothes in Final Fantasy 13-2

Just when the DLC costumes wouldnt stop coming Assassins Creed being the first game to have a costume featured now its none other than Mass Effect 3. Not to sure if its for both of our heroes Serah and Noel but i can say the both of them can sport some N7 attire pretty easily and not too soon i say.

Glad to see a new game like 13-2 is getting a lot of DLC costumes for you to look good as you RPG your way to finding Lightning this still doesn't answer the mysterious ""Where is the Lightning side story DLC?" rumored but not yet announced, well if you know Square Enix like i do then be wary it'll come to us eventually and with an awesome trailer, new features and a lot of other reasons to keep us waiting until then. 

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