Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Looks like a Final Fantasy storm is coming.

Thinking Final Fantasy XIII and upset you cant play as head b!itch Lightning since the arrival of Final Fantasy XIII-2 with Lightning no where to be found. Well like always you can depend on me to bring you good news just when you give up nerd hope. Let's first give Final Fantasy XIII-2 props for it being the first in the series to have DLC *Claps* and being that much more awesome and better than the original *Claps harder* I think its really cool Square Enix is doing this for DLC giving us new characters to play as and not half assing it and only having them as skins. The possibilities could be endless for XIII-2 if other playable characters were brought into the picture.

Don't know if a lot of the characters from the first XIII would make an appearance but it would be nice to see them with or without Lightning make a better game debut with a much more refined battle system.

Lightning isn't the same since her days of XIII though she's gotten a lot more powerful and confident... you didn't think you were going to play as something like that without working for it did you? Rumor has it you gotta fight her in a coliseum and defeat her (Sounds fun i know -_-) then once you beat her you'll be able to possibly have her in your party!! (@__@) then she'll also be available for "Top secret" story elements, whether or not this is true hoping it is though it could mean a goldmine of DLC and an endless amount of re playability if you can choose to play with your new characters from the start of the game. 

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