Friday, January 6, 2012

Lego Batman... and other heroes join also

Just when i was thinking i had no more Lego Batman play time left and me and my mom (Yes my mom.) had played the game to death... a sequel is... coming? Nothing official yet but at the same time its high time Lego Batman got a sequel. My personal favorite Lego game to brick i couldn't wait for the sequel, hold on though there's more than you think.

Yeah that's a rumor all right, but this time its Lego Batman 2! *coughs* also with Superman and Wonder Woman. While i think Lego Batman could have had its own stand alone sequel adding in the other heroes of DC is a good move again though Lego Superman couldn't have been that hard.... or still in possible thought?

While keeping the core gameplay that makes the Lego games great i don't see how this game could fail by any means, the only thing this game needs is story and cameos from DC heroes and co-op with an endless amount of play time and re play value with all the characters you can select. In development for all known consoles with a hopeful release of 2012 I'll be on the edge of my Lego seat until more news builds itself up.

My list of other games that should get Lego remixes

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