Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Xbox360 users almost had Master Cheif for sfxt.... WE WHAT!!!!!???

What Xbox360 Exclusives that would be cool

Let's talk about the two chances... count em 2 chances to have Marcus Fenix and Master Chief considered to be in fighting games this past fighting game period. The first chance was Mortal Kombat where Ed Boon and the rest of the staff was looking forward to trying out and discussing Xbox360 only characters to combat Kratos the PS3 exclusive for Mortal Kombat. Due to "circumstances they couldn't get into" the idea like fans dreams were crushed and that was the end of that.

Ono has revealed that he was in talks for who to put in the game as the exclusive Xbox360 Street Fighter x Tekken, and of course again Marcus Fenix and Master Cheif were again brought up. Sounding familiar well like with Mortal Kombat something didn't work out and due to "Difficulty" again our dreams were lancered and plasma grenaded to death. I'm all for adding any and all characters from different worlds into one space hell if George Lucas let Soul Calibur IV use Darth Vader, Yoda and the Apprentice then pretty much all companies should be throwing characters at each other.

Sadly Ono also confirmed 360 wont be getting any 360 exclusives and Ono has said "It's just too bad, basically." Would have liked to see which characters would have chosen and how they would make them play maybe the hope is still in, I'm hoping but in the mean time I'm very surprised that both times it wasn't the developer from Ed Boon with Mortal Kombat and Ono with Street Fighter they have both had difficulties adding new characters from Microsoft only. Can Microsoft be at fault here? Not wanting to have characters in a fighting game, License issues, i don't think it was hard to give them moves and specials they do good research on the characters they add in.

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