Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SMALLVILLE IS RETURNING FOLKS!!..... In comic form... Better than nothing

Some Smallville fans aka me felt the ending of the hit tv series Smallville was too short and left us off with a feeling that only Teen Titans cartoon lovers felt when that ended. Moving on from that i bring you all excellent news regarding Smallville's continuation following Darkhorse continuing Dollhouse and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in comic form fans i present Smallville season 11!

Continuing from where Smallville left off this masterpiece will be written by Bryan Q and the digital covers by Cat Staggs, Speaking of digital it will be released digitally April 13th which will be released weekly in seperated issuses only to be released as a full no wait print comic May 16th. Making a move like this has proved Darkhorse has an impact on how to continue top tv shows and continue them in comic form which is fantastic for Smallville story now they can introduce the characters that were never able to be introduced in the tv series:

Fans felt it was nearly impossible to introduce the Bat into Smallville but as we've seen in comic book tv contiunations it can be a lot more flexible than people think.

Another DC Vixen that was sought to be in the TV series can now have her time to shine in  the comic book instead.

If your wondering what the time frame from the series it takes place six months after Clark dons the cape and becomes Superman with new enemies and new allies alongside the series regulars! I cant wait to get my eyes ready for this now and in the long run.

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