Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sfxt Exclusive characters.... With limbs and a robot and original box art designs.. lolwut

Oh man gamers caution was right! New SfxT news comes to us and wow is it just.... wow.

Kuro and Toro:

Cole from Infamous:

Joining Kuro, Toro and Cole are two new exclusive characters for the PlayStation 3 and Vita.. remember that caution...

In the words of a wise man.. WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE!?
Well this is certainly unexpected and i give Capcom that, we get Megaman but instead of one like classic, X, starforce or even rockman we get the bad box art one... What a node to nostalgia whoa. I'm not really that emotional towards it i don't have a PS3 so i wont be playing this version sadly but none the less will be getting the game anyway. Megaman fans... we... i don't even know what to measure this as but be grateful a cooler rendition wasn't in the running. Judging from his Gameplay he'll be an attack character with a lot of gun tricks up his sleeve... wonder if he'll get an X makeover also!?

Waka waka waka its Pac-Man everyone! I have to say this is a hilarious surprise i love the Pac-Man games and to be able to fight with him is an awesome new addition to an already awesome game just one question... Where did he find and build a mechanical Mokujin to use to fight with?? Judging from the Gameplay Pac-Man goes Tron on all you ghosts! I wonder if Ms. Pac-Man makes it will she pilot the silver female Mokujin?

Really eager to see how they contend with the rest of the cast and the guest characters will be received as soon as we get our hands on them March 6th. I leave leave you all with a list of Xbox360 only characters who could give these  characters a run for.... everything.

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